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Size Chart and Fitting Instructions - Day Bag - tail protector

Superior protection that stays on and keeps your horses tail looking healthy and fabulous.  Everyday use actually improves the thickness and condition of the tail hair. Made from light showerproof material that washes well and softens nicely.  Custom orders and exact length a specialty.  One rug attachment included. A must for the serious competitor.

Dock Size Horse Height Size Length
Short 91 cm
1 Small Pony 11-12.2 hh Standard 103 cm
Long 115 cm
Short 95 cm
1 Large Pony 12.3-13.3 hh Standard 108 cm
Long 121 cm
Short 98 cm
2 Galloway 14-14.3 hh Standard 112 cm
Long 126 cm
Short 105 cm
3 Small Hack 15-15.3 hh Standard 120 cm
Long 135 cm
Short 109 cm
3 Large Hack 16-16.3 hh Standard 124 cm
Long 139 cm
Short 114 cm
4 Warmblood Over 17 hh Standard 129 cm
Long 144 cm


SHORT Parallel with the Chestnut
STANDARD Halfway between hock & fetlock
LONG Bottom of fetlock



If your horse has a thick tail or bigger than average dock size you can mix and match a larger dock size with the length you need. If you are not sure, please provide a dock measurement from around the thickest part of the tail.


Start at the side of the dock where the tailbone meets the rump and measure down to your required length.  Leave a few extra centimeters for hair growth.  If your desired length is not on the chart we are happy to make the bag up to your measurement.


  • Cold wash only.  Hot wash may damage showerproof coating.
  • Always wash with zip closed.
  • Drip dray in shade.
  • Very cool iron only.
  • Do not tumble dry.
  • Wash the tail bag before use to soften the material.
  • Velcro attachments can be sewn to your under rug using most domestic sewing machines
  • The zip is made from heavy duty moulded plastic and is quite robust.  If the zipper teeth come out of alignment, lay the tail bag flat and press the teeth into place
  • if you have a unique size requirement please contact us for a custom order
  • In the interest of the environment we use little to no packaging


  1. Insert your arm through the bottom of the tail bag opening and take hold of the horses tail.
  2. Pull the tail down through the bag while pulling the bag upwards with the other hand.
  3. Slide the bag up under the tail.
  4. Secure the tail bag to the velcro attachment, connecting the zipper ready to close the zipper.
  5. Smooth down the tail hair through the opening, ensure the zipper flap lays flat and covers the tail hair to prevent any hair getting caught.
  6. Close the zip holding the bag straight with the pull tab.
  7. Fold down the top flap attachment to secure.


  1. Peel back the top flap of the attachment
  2. Carefully peel off the tail bag
  3. Slide the tail bag down the tail until it has been removed


  1. Before fitting the tail bag to your rug, allow the rug to settle into place by wearing for min 1 hour.
  2. Thread tail bag onto the horses tail as per instructions.
  3. Place the tail bag onto the bottom velcro strip of the attachment (in the centre to allow for some adjustment up & down).  Fold top velcro strip over and secure to the rug.
  4. Position the tail bag comfortably as per diagrams below.
  5. Mark underside of the rug where the fold line of the attachment reaches.  Remove tail bag.
  6. Sew attachment to underside of rug where marked, using 2-3 straight lines of stitching.
  7. If attaching to heavy duty fabric, ie canvas, take it to your local rug repairer.