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About Us

Woollybutt Designs is not just another horse rug manufacturer, it is the home of the three piece contoured rug.

Our horse-wear designs are inspired and constructed with your horse in mind. 

Our products are based on Swish Horse patterns.  In fact we are continuing the tradition established by Swish Horse, where a horse's comfort is the basis for design.

So while the name has changed the comfort, fit and quality remains the same.

Swish Horse started in Snug, Tasmania in 2003 and grew to be a National name at the time the business changed hands in 2005.  After 10 years Chris and Linda have handed over "the reins" (so to speak) to Valla and Stephen.

And so our story begins.  We purchased the patterns to the Swish Horse products in 2015.

We have lived in country Victoria on 16 hectares for 15+ years and you'll get to meet our horses,  Mulga Bill (16.2hh Clydesdale X), Piper (14.3hh Clydesdale X), Waylon (15.3hh Quarter Horse), Indiana (our baby Clydesdale X), and Maggie May (11 hh Shetland Pony), as they will feature on this site in the near future.

Valla remembers purchasing the Swish Horse Travel and Day bags back in 2003, and thinking what a winner product.  She continued to follow the success of Swish Horse, and was interested in purchasing Swish Horse when it first went on the market in 2005. Circumstances prevented her from purchasing it at that time but fortunately it went to friends, Chris and Linda, also local to Kilmore and you know the rest ……...

Both Valla's grandmother and mother were dressmakers.  As a young child, Valla recalls seeing her grandmother and mother working on the kitchen table, cutting paper patterns from newspaper and butchers paper. Many of her clothes were unique handmade creations.  Not surprisingly from a young age Valla learned to make her own clothes and patterns too. Later in life Valla formalised her training studing at RMIT fashion school in Brunswick, Victoria. 

Valla use to repair horse rugs for the local establishments in Kilmore and surrounding area, so when Chris and Linda offered her the chance to buy the Swish Horse patterns she jumped at the opportunity.

Woollybutt Designs continue to manufacture its products by hand in their new workshop in Kilmore.  We make to measure (offer custom made) products and source only the best available fittings and hardware. Having working in the apparel industry I have witnessed a significant decline in the manufacturing within Australia. We therefore want to keeping our manufacturing process here in Australia and as we grow hope to draw upon the rich talent we have locally. Where possible we source Australian made materials and continue to look for design innovations that enhance our products with careful consideration for your horses needs.

Stephen will typically answer the Woollybutt phone when you call. He has his Woollybutt "L" plates and is coming up to speed quickly. What he lacks in experience he makes up for with enthusiasm and humour.

The Woollybutt Designs journey from inception to fruition.


2015 Swish Horse is rebranded as Woollybutt Designs continuing the reputation for quality Australian Made horse rugs, neck rugs, fitted hoods, tail bags and accessories.
2013 Swish Horse celebrates 10 years in the business
2011 Swish Horse moves from Kilmore to Meredith Victoria

Swish Horse operates moves to 108 Powlett Street, Kilmore trading as "Swish Horse Equine Resource Centre.

Swish Horse displays its products at Equitana.

2008 Swish Horse becomes the first Equine manufacturer to join the Australia Made campaign.
2007 Swish Horse partners up with Woof Wear
2006 Swish Horse introduces the All Season Canvas horse rug and neck rug to meet the demands of the our changing weather conditions
2005 Swish Horse moves from Snug Tasmania to Kilmore Victoria. New and improved design ideas are introduced
2004 Launch the unique 3 piece contoured deluxe range of horse rugs and neck rugs

Swish Horse begins trading in Snug Tasmania

  • Swisher Day bag and Travel bag launched
  • Design patent granted